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「call; 音がきこえる」haruka nakamura 演奏会

目に見えず触れられなくとも誰もが感じとることのできる “祈り”を、音楽を通して表現することをテーマに、演奏会が行われました。 「月の庭」を有する成就院で、奏者がその一瞬一瞬に感じるものを即興で演奏。この空間に潜む空気や時間が音楽と組み合わさり、その日、その時、その瞬間にしか出会えない体験が生まれました。

Pianist haruka nakamura’s concert, “call; you will hear the sound,” presented by Otowa-san, Kiyomizu-dera Temple 
October 16, 2018 

Despite being invisible and intangible, prayers can be sensed by all. In this concert, performers explored the possibilities of expressing prayers through music. In the Jojuin, which boasts the renowned Moon Garden, the players created one-of-a-kind musical pieces in response to what they may have felt in that moment. Their sounds intermingled with the atmosphere, and the audience undoubtedly experienced unparalleled performance that day.